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Granbury Web Design a Technology Group Provider in Web Design Services and Solutions is introducing 3 new packages for clients that are easy and affordable for small businesses. Our three packages have a year of hosting with our blazing fast servers. Our group is providing these for the next year in a  team effort of "Making America Great" , helping businesses to get off the ground. This program is available nationwide, in the United States. Available August 5th, 2016 through August 5th 2017.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Maintenance, Affordable Web Design, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Directory Services are available.

Web Packages 

Web packages include design, shared web hosting for 1 year on our super fast fiber servers utilizing SSD (Solid State Drives).   New IPV6 network technology is provided. This is great for a business just starting out.

This technology provides for:

  • faster speeds to your clients
  • faster search engine indexing
  • better bandwidth
  • contact form on the page
  • domain name subject to availability

Our simple procedures from the home page will apply, you will supply the content to our design team so that we may rapidly implement them.

Package  1)   1 Page website

Package  2)   3 Page website 

Package  3)   5 Page website     

Start to finish launch time approx 3-4 days 

If you are outside of Granbury we can Skype in to you or we can conference call.  These packages are special and include 1st time optimization.

Monthly SEO mainenance after launch is additional but affordable.

* Note: Graphics used require that you have permission and are licensed for use. 

About Shared Hosting 

When you have the shared hosting plan with us you still enjoy the fantastic speed we provide to you with our dedicated hosting company.

The dedicated IPV6 IP address is shared with no more than 5 clients. These are usually small websites that do not take up alot of space.

  • IPV6 IP Address
  • Secure Cloud Interface
  • Websites served out on fiber
  • Many Application are Available

About Dedicated Hosting

When you have the dedicated hosting plan with us you enjoy the fantastic speed we provide to you with our dedicated hosting company.

The dedicated IPV6 IP address is not shared with anyone. It is your dedicated IP number. These are usually larger websites that  take up much more space. Bandwidth needs to be at a premium.

  • IPV6 IP Address
  • Secure Cloud Interface
  • Websites served out on fiber
  • Dedicated Mail Server
  • Many Application are Available

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SEO Maintenance 

Our group of programmers can assist you with SEO and maintenance in the search engines.

When we design your website or re-vamp your old one, your website is optimized. We submit to the search engines and maintain the positioning of the web site. 

This takes patience not everybody can have the top postion in a search engine search. We are very successful with organic search. This is a natural search which is the best.

If you are interested in SEO and want to be found get in touch. Each project is different. 

Granbury Web Design Team

Directory Services

We have specialized directory service that is available. It provides specific area targeting that can help you get additional exposure to potential clients.

The advantage, when you wish to specifically target an area it is immediate. Later on you may want to switch your target and we can do this on the fly.

Granbury Web Design offers affordable web design and hosting included for a fair price for your 1st year of service. When you renew your services with us after your 1st year of service,  loyal customers receive discounts. This enables your company to grow. Your web success, is our success. 

Granbury Web Design serves customers across Texas and the United States  with our high speed cloud services servers.